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Delfield Refrigerated Equipment Stands

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I had the chance to talk with Jeffrey Michael, Product Sales Manager for Delfield, just the other day. He went over the features and benefits of Delfield’s Refrigerated Equipment Stands (F26/F27/F28 & F29) with me. Refrigerated Equipment Stands may not be new, but Delfield is always making improvements and upgrades to their line.


I can’t even remember what supported the griddles, grills, and charbroilers that I cooked on years ago, but it wasn’t anything useful. Perhaps it was wasted space, or maybe just an area where we placed bus buckets to throw dirty pans in. I remember making endless trips to the walk-in and prep coolers on any given night. It would have been much more efficient to safely store meats, fish, and vegetables in refrigerated drawers, just below where the cooking was actually taking place.

What I really like about the Delfield Refrigerated Equipment Stands is the full-perimeter Marine Edge. It helps keep cooking equipment in place and fully supported atop the stand. Additionally, it keeps cooking grease from migrating to the inside of the unit or onto the floor. It’s a great feature for safety and cleanability.

All Delfield Equipment Stands are NSF Certified. Freezers and refrigerators come standard on casters with self-contained 404A refrigeration systems, or on legs with remote 404A refrigeration systems. All come standard with stainless steel ends and can support up to 1200 pounds.

Delfield uses a dual fan system with an energy efficient mullion coil evaporator mounted between each drawer opening. This increases air circulation. The units feature a hot gas loop for condensate evaporation (with a hot gas defrost, in lieu of electric defrost, for the freezer units). Drawers can be ordered in a number of useful dimensions and configurations, and the self-lubricating drawer slides come with a 10 year track warranty. Alternatively, you can order your refrigerated stand with doors.

Applications are limited only by the imagination. While great for grill, griddle, and charbroiler lines, they can also be used beneath lines of hot/cold pans, or beneath an induction cooking line. No matter how you plan to use them, your Delfield Refrigerated Equipment Stands are covered by a 3 year parts and labor warranty, with a 5 year compressor warranty.

Refrigerated Drawer                                        Marine Edge                                 Refrigeration Coil

drawer-open            Marine Edge.        Refrigeration Coil

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